Wine estate Leo Fuchs
Hauptstraße 3
D - 56829 Pommern

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Founded: 1624
Owners: Ulrich Fuchs
Winemaker: Bruno and Ulrich Fuchs
Size: 10 ha
Production: 80,000 bottles
Average yield: 61 hl/ha
Terroir: Greywacke, weathered slate and argillaceous schist
(Best) sites: Pommerner Zeisel,
Pommerner Goldberg,
Pommerner Sonnenuhr,
Pommerner Rosenberg,
Klottener Burg Coraidelstein,
Klottener Brauneberg
Steep slopes: 70 %
Varieties: 76 % Riesling,
6 % Chardonnay,
6 % Rivaner,
4 % Auxerrois,
4 % Weissburgunder,
2 % Grauburgunder,
2 % sonstige
Region: Mosel Terraces

Wine estate Leo Fuchs

The philosophy of Ulrich Fuchs and his father Leo is to produce light, clear, mineral and fruit-driven wines which provide great drinking pleasure.

The estate of Leo Fuchs is one of the oldest wine producers of the village of Pommern in the Terrassenmosel, deeply steeped in tradition, and today comprises approximately 10 hectares of vineyard. It has been in family ownership since 1624. “Our winegrowing tradition represents both obligation and motivation for me at the same time, a truly heartfelt responsibility”, says Ulrich Fuchs. He took over the ownership of the quality wine estate in 2015, after having been prepared for this task by his father for many years.

With great personal dedication and professional know-how Ulrich and his team tend to Riesling, Chardonnay and the Pinot varieties on the steepest and best of sites along the longest continuous south-facing stretch of vineyard in the Mosel. What matters most to him are the preservation of fertile soils and healthy vineyards – in his view the foundation for the creation of great wines. In his unshakeable belief wines are, after all, made in the vineyard. He says that you may be able to refine in the cellar the fruits of your labour in the vineyard, but you won’t be able to change them.
Moderate amounts of a healthy crop, from new as well as long-established vines, as well as optimum ripeness are the essential prerequisites of the high standard of quality at the Leo Fuchs estate. “We pay particular attention to clean and careful cellar management, combining traditional methods with the application of technical innovation”, says Bruno Fuchs.

There is a good reason why the quality wine estate Leo Fuchs has regularly been winning great awards at wine shows and competitions for many years and has received recommendations from the most important wine guides such as Feinschmecker, Falstaff, Gault Millau and Vinum. See and taste for yourself – drinking pleasure is guaranteed!

Ulrich Fuchs

"I want to bring out the best of slate and terroir in wines with an unmistakable identity."

1. Place Annual selection tasting

2017, 2016, 2014

State honour prize

2016, 2014,

2013, 2011,


Great state honour prize


Winning Wine

2014, 2012,

2011, 2010

„best of riesling“ Meininger

4x in 2017

4x in 2016

4x in 2015

German Wine Institute

Top 50 German Vinotheks 2016

Tasting and sales

The multiple award-winning VINOTHEK POMARIA represents the architectural highlight of the old centre of Pommern. This is where tradition meets modern design. On the outside it’s a venerable, old, half-timbered building, on the inside it’s all modern architecture – open, light and friendly. Come and see, taste and enjoy.

Our Vinothek is open for you from April to December at the following times:

Monday - Thursday: 5.00 - 7.00 p.m.
Friday: 1.00 - 7.00 p.m.
Saturday: 10.00 a.m. - 5.00 p.m.

Also by prior appointment.


Like the Moselsteig, the Lenus¬-Mars walking trail leads past the archaeological park of Martberg, which invites you to a journey back in time to view a compound of buildings which have been reconstructed in accordance with the original design of a former Celtic-Roman settlement of religious worship. Plaques provide information about the lives of Celts and Romans at that time. Life-size wooden sculptures embody these epochs so relevant, not only for the Martberg, but for the whole of the Mosel region. Both in terms of culture and landscape this 5km long walking trail has much to offer; The Lenus-Mars-way leads from Karden first to the Martberg and then the commune of Pommern with its wonderful high forests, vineyards and peaceful streams.

Please do take a detour to the multiple award-winning VINOTHEK POMARIA, the name of which, incidentally , has its origin in the Roman word POMARIA – the fruit garden. That’s where you can experience our wines, whether it be the Mosel ‘s very own Riesling with its slate-derived mineral character so typical for our estate, Chardonnay or the white Pinot varieties, like for example our “Symphony”, a soft and creamy cuvée.

Pictures: © Anna Schneider (Neon Fotografie, Neuwied) & Max Adam (StramaMax, Bernkastel-Kues), Judith Mandernach