Terroir – is it possible to taste it? – We think it is!

And that’s why at the Bernkasteler Ring we say: taste the slate! Our Riesling grapes in our top sites grow and ripen for more than 120 days. Nowhere else does Riesling have so much time to take on board minerality and microclimate. The growers of the Bernkasteler Ring know about this treasure and preserve it from the harvest through the cellar right to the glass.

Experts’ opinions on this matter are divided, and we would like to quote the following words of professor Dr. H. Schultz, president of the University of Geisenheim and Riesling fan:

“Mosel” by Anette Köwerich and Hilde Kessel, publisher Bastian 2012

„Riesling wines as they are produced on the Mosel cannot be made like this anywhere else in the world. (….). At the Mosel, the interaction between climate, soil and grower leads to unique products and science cannot exactly determine how the various factors influence the wine.“

What is your opinion on this matter?

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