How come? The slate soils of our south-facing vineyards on the steep slopes along the Mosel offer optimum conditions for the production of outstanding mineral wines with a fine fruity elegance. Because of its prolonged vegetation period, Riesling, frequently referred to as the “queen of white varieties”, is often capable of expressing the characteristics of its terroir like no other.

It’s a well known fact that taste is a personal matter and that we consider ourselves lucky to be able to use all the different possibilities Riesling has to offer. We can produce excellent dry and off-dry mineral wines, fruity Kabinetts and Spätlesen with relatively low alcohol or noble sweet Auslesen, Beerenauslesen and ice wines.

The typical mineral vibrancy is often accompanied by an unparalleled diversity of aromas reminiscent of herbs, blossom or fruit, such as apple, pear, peach, apricot, mango and maracuja. In our noble sweet wines – which are perfect with desserts – you will find nuances of raisins and honey.

Because of this profound diversity of aromas Mosel Riesling has today once more attracted the admiration of wine lovers worldwide – just as once before at the turn of the 20th century, when it was far more highly priced than even Bordeaux and drunk at all the European royal courts.

We invite you to discover the diversity of our Riesling wines at the annual wine presentation or by a visit of our wine estates. Discover terroir in a bottle.

Just a small tip:

Riesling wines from the steep vineyard sites are eminently suitable for long aging. Should you wish to acquire some older vintages (as a special gift for birthdays or anniversaries), please contact us and we will send our growers on a  hunt for rarities in their treasure chambers.