grosses gewaechs bernkasteler ring logoMade in accordance with the stringent production criteria of the classification of the Bernkasteler Ring, wines with the designation “Grosses Gewächs Bernkasteler Ring” represent the premium line of the association’s dry wines. These Grand Crus can only come from the best sites of the steep slopes and are distinguished by their exceptional aging potential. To be awarded the status of “Grosses Gewächs”, selective hand-harvesting, a restriction of yields to 50 hl/ha and the passing of a stringent sensory examination by a highly qualified professional panel are required.

Every year the new vintage is presented on the day of the Riesling auction!

The criteria for the production of Grosse Gewächse in a nutshell:

Viticultural requirements

Site: as classified by the association
Gradient: steep slope
Exposition: SSO to SSW
Variety: Riesling
Yield: max. 50 hl/ha
Additional: selective manual harvesting
  Controlled cultivation

Oenological requirements

Minimum must weight: 93° Oechsle
Taste: within the legal definition of dry
Chaptalistion: not permitted
Vinification: traditional, no must concentration

Organoleptic examination

By a panel of eight qualified experts


Grosses Gewächs, without any description by predicate or taste, but details of vineyard, vintage, variety and legally required information


Special bottle, GG-sticker, front and back label


From 01. 08. of the year subsequent to the vintage


You can obtain a list of the present vintage from our office. Please use this link for contact!