We welcome our new members to the Bernkasteler Ring e.V.


The entire Bernkasteler Ring is delighted to announce that, as of the general meeting on 04 November 2021, 41 wineries now belong to the Bernkasteler Ring. The Moselle winegrowing region is becoming more diverse, and the number of up-and-coming winegrowers who are making a name for themselves fills us with joy. We deliberately decided on this quantum leap in membership. These businesses stand for idealism in steep-slope viticulture and quality standards without compromise. We warmly welcome them all!

Weingut Walter, Briedel

Gerrit Walter He is an active member of the Moseljünger, The winery has been in the family since 1568, and attracts attention with excellent ratings in Eichelmann and Co. The wines of the Terrassenmosel reflect their origins.


"We are very pleased to be accepted into the Bernkasteler Ring and see this as a confirmation of our intensive work over the last few years. Together with the other members of the association, we want to bring the uniqueness of Mosel Riesling closer to all national and international wine enthusiasts." Gerrit Walter, Briedel

Weingut Loersch, Leiwen

Alex Loersch

Alexander Loersch has taken a steep path to the top in recent years. The ratings in Eichelmann and Co. are piling up, and he recently won first place in the Fallstaff Kabinett Trophy.

" We are honoured to be accepted into the Bernkasteler Ring and are very much looking forward to the Prädikatsweinversteigerung and other joint activities with the members of the association." Alexander Loersch, Leiwen

Weingut Markus Fries, Noviand

 Markus Fries As a premiere in the Bernkasteler Ring, Markus Fries is the first winery in the association with Demeter certification - with a steep slope share of 90%! True idealism and pure passion for the steep slopes of the Mosel valley make it possible.


"Being accepted into the Bernkasteler Ring was very moving for me and my family. So it is precisely the main pillars of the association - Riesling, terroir and quality - that have excited me from the very beginning. Even more than that, they are firmly anchored concepts in my very personal approach to values. The strong above-average striving for quality of the member wineries and the tradition of bringing the best wines to auction was and remains both an incentive and a high regard for me." Markus Fries, Noviand

Weingut Axel Pauly, Lieser

Axel Pauly  Axel Pauly stands for clarity and elegance in Riesling and Pinot Noir. His wines are among the 111 German wines that you must have drunk according to Carsten Sebastian Henn.

"I wanted to join the Bernkasteler Ring because the exchange between colleagues is important to me. And the Ring is made up of a bunch of Riesling and steep-slope winegrowers who are crazy about their stuff..." Axel Pauly, Lieser

Weingut Würtzberg, Serrig

Annalena und Felix Heimes  ...the first vineyard on the Saar. This is how they describe their special location along the course of the river. The winery has been run by the Heimes family since 2016. They are committed to the region and the reputation of the Saar and have convinced with their outstanding quality and the terroir idea.

"We are delighted to be working together in the Bernkasteler Ring to further develop and sustainably shape the quality concept of the Moselle and its Rieslings" Felix Heimes, Serrig