Galerie-Riesling wine estate Clüsserath-Eifel
Im Hof 6
D- 54349 Trittenheim

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Founded: 1760
Owners: Gerhard Eifel
Size: 3.8 ha
Production: 30,000 bottles
Average yield: 60 hl
Terroir: Devon slate,
Weathered slate
(Best) sites: Trittenheimer Apotheke,
Neumagener Rosengärtchen,
Klüsserather Bruderschaft
Steep slopes: 80 %
Varieties: 100 % Riesling
Region: Middle Mosel

Galerie-Riesling wine estate Clüsserath-Eifel

The winery

The history of the wine-growing families Alois Clüsserath and Clemens Eifel begins already in the 18th century in the local chronicle of Trittenheim. This is how the winery got its present name, documented by documents dating back to 1745.

It remained in the family for seven generations until 2019, when Gerhard Eifel handed over the small, exclusive winery to our family. With our wines we offer the inclined connoisseur limited unique specimens from world-class vineyards, grown under strict observance and protection of natural resources.

The Eternal Vineyard

Our passion belongs to the approximately 45,000 mostly rootless vines, which have been spared from phylloxera and land consolidation. They are located in the fillets of the best steep and steepest vineyards of the wine-growing communities of Trittenheim, Neumagen, Klüsserath and Leiwen since time immemorial. According to the maxim of the "ETERNAL VINEYARDS" we wrest in laborious manual work from these spectacular vineyards with up to 120 years old vines those elixirs, which stand world-wide as proud representatives for finest Moselle Rieslings. These old vines - rooted meters deep in the slate rock, give us every year with small yields of particularly tasty grapes. It is our goal to preserve these vineyards for future generations ("forever").

Since we are a very small winery, we can devote special attention to each vine individually and intensively. In autumn, the hand-picked grapes are vinified in the historic vaulted cellar of the winery villa without the addition of yeast cultures, enzymes and without the use of any modern technology. Time and patience are just as important as controlled idleness.


Eichelmann 2012

„(...) the wines of Gerhard Eifel are classic Mosel Rieslings - young, sometimes inaccessible, with increasing maturity wonderfully elegant and animating (...) the style of the house can be tasted in every wine.“


At the Galerie-Riesling Weingut Clüsserath-Eifel, an experience wine tasting takes place daily at 5:30 p.m. (Sundays by appointment).

In the neighboring village of Neumagen-Dhron, guests can experience a special highlight, a ride on the original replica of the Roman wine ship "Stella Noviomagi". Those interested in sports and history will find a large selection of interesting cycling and hiking trails in the immediate vicinity (e.g. Römersteig (Roman trail), climbing trail Thörnicher Ritsch, Trittenheimer Moselschleife (Mosel loop), Moselradweg (Mosel cycling trail)) as well as cultural monuments (Hinkelstein (menhir), Roman sarcophagi, old ferry towers, old train station, Roman wine press).

Wine tasting & sale

Our wine shop is open for you at the following times:

Monday - Saturday: 10.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.
Sunday: by tel. agreement


Appointments for wine tasting by appointment.

Overnight stay at the winery

Dear guests and wine lovers
a center of hospitable conviviality in Trittenheim on the Moselle is the 3-star estate hotel and restaurant "Galerie Riesling". Our doors are wide open for those seeking rest and relaxation. Every day the stylish guest rooms are filled with life and sphere. Above all, we attach great importance to an excellent cuisine with an exquisite selection of wines from our own vineyards. Enjoy the regional specialties from kitchen and cellar. In the summer you sit beautifully on the south terrace, where you can dine in the evening. The wine vault is available to guests for receptions and celebrations. Our wine menu is an insider tip that you can tell others about.

Pictures: © Max Adam (StramaMax, Bernkastel-Kues)