Galerie-Riesling wine estate Clüsserath-Eifel
Im Hof 6
D- 54349 Trittenheim

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Founded: 1760
Owners: Gerhard Eifel
Size: 3.8 ha
Production: 30,000 bottles
Average yield: 60 hl
Terroir: Devon slate,
Weathered slate
(Best) sites: Trittenheimer Apotheke,
Neumagener Rosengärtchen,
Klüsserather Bruderschaft
Steep slopes: 80 %
Varieties: 100 % Riesling
Region: Middle Mosel

Galerie-Riesling wine estate Clüsserath-Eifel

In 1760 the ancestors of today’s proprietor of the estate, Gerhard Eifel, began to grow vines on the famous steep slopes of Apotheke & Altärchen. 3.2 ha of the estate’s total vineyard holdings of 3.8 ha lie on steep slopes. They can only be tended with manual labour.

The vines are pruned to just one fruit cane (tenoning) to restrict yields. Manual picking is regarded as indispensable for high wine quality. Fermentation and storage before bottling take place in stainless steel vessels, with capacity varying between 280 and 3000 litres. The musts from the different sites and parcels are all vinified and bottled separately.

Eichelmann Wine Guide 2012

„….the wines of Gerhard Eifel are classic Mosel Rieslings – sometimes still inaccessible when young, but becoming wonderfully elegant and animating as they mature, ….the style of the house can be recognised in every single wine.“


At the Galerie-Riesling estate we hold a tasting event every day of the week at 17.30. (Sundays by appointment).

In the neighbouring village of Neumagen-Dhron visitors can enjoy a particular highlight, a river trip on a replica of the original Roman river boat “Stella Noviomagi”. Visitors keen on sport or history will find a comprehensive choice of interesting tracks for cycling or walking (among others: Römersteig, Klettersteig, Thörnischer Ritsch, Moselschleife, Mosel cycle track), as well as cultural relics (Hinkelstein, Roman sarcophagus, old ferry towers, old station, Roman grape press).

Tasting and sales

Unsere Vinothek ist zu folgenden Zeiten für Sie geöffnet:

Monday - Saturday: 10.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.
Sunday: by telephone appointment

Accomodation at the estate

Dear guests and friends of wine,
Our 3-star Galerie-Riesling estate hotel and restaurant are one of the main centres of hospitality in Trittenheim. Our doors are always wide open for visitors in search of rest and relaxation. Our stylish guest quarters provide a lively yet peaceful atmosphere. Our priority is to combine excellent cuisine with a selection of fine wines from our own vineyards. Enjoy the regional specialities from our kitchen and cellar. On beautiful summer evenings you can dine outdoors on our atmospheric south-facing terrace. Our wine vaults are at the disposal of our guests for receptions and celebrations. Our wine menu is an insider tip you may like to pass on.

Pictures: © Max Adam (StramaMax, Bernkastel-Kues)