Wine estate Werner
Römerstraße 17
D - 54340 Leiwen

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Founded: First mentioned in 1650
Owners: Bernhard Werner
Winemaker: Bernhard Werner
Size: 6 ha
Production: 40,000 bottles
Terroir: Blue Devonian slate,
rhyolite and pyrolite, Greywacke
(Best) sites: Schweicher Annaberg,
Trittenheimer Apotheke,
Leiwener Laurentiuslay
Steep slopes: 50 %
Varieties: 85 % Riesling,
10 % Spätburgunder,
5% St. Laurent und Rivaner
Region: Middle Mosel

Wine estate Werner

Riesling with a passion – is the motto that expresses our philosophy to work in unison with nature to get the best from our vines – very old in places - on the steep slopes of the river Mosel. These wines excite with fruit and minerality as well as racy character and elegance, no less than Rieslings at the highest level. Eighty percent of our wines are vinified dry or off-dry (feinherb). Our portfolio is rounded off by some fruity and zesty classic Riesling Spätlesen as well as some fine Auslesen and Beerenauslesen.

With regard to both vineyard and cellar management we aim to work with the respective vintage as provided by nature, to respect the intricacies of the variety and to express the distinctive character of our individual sites. Wine is not a product the character of which can be predetermined, one has to let it grow and develop. Wine means constant change and fascinating uncertainty. With every harvest we try to understand and interpret nature.

Eichelmann, 2.5 stars

„In the dry segment the estate once again excels with a very powerful Grosses Gewächs from the Annaberg, at the sweeter end there is a seductive, wonderfully pure Auslese with magnificent fruit and substance.“

Gault Millau 2013

„An impressively viscous Trockenbeerenauslese with a wonderful fragrance of plums and sultanas is the crowning glory of the collection.“



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Why not visit us for the annual Leiwen harvest festival in September or the traditional wine festival in August with a tasting of the latest vintage from Leiwen’s young growers?

Tasting and sales

We are happy to arrange tastings accompanied by local food by appointment. Bernhard Werner was also one of the candidates on VOX TV for the programme “Das perfekte Dinner” (the perfect dinner). He would be pleased to offer you his menu from this programme and will cook for you himself!

Pictures: © Max Adam (StramaMax, Bernkastel-Kues)