Wine estate Paulinshof
Paulinstraße 14
D - 54518 Kesten

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Founded: first documentary evidence in 936
Owners: Familie Jüngling
Winemaker: Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Oliver Jüngling
Size: 10 ha
Production: 75,000 bottles
Average yield: 60 hl/ha
Terroir: weathered Devonian slate
(Best) sites: Brauneberger Kammer,
Brauneberger Juffer-Sonnenuhr,
Brauneberger Juffer,
Kestener Paulinshofberger,
Trittenheimer Apotheke
Steep slopes: 75 %
Varieties: 98 % Riesling,
2 % Pinot blanc
Region: Middle Mosel

Wine estate Paulinshof

Our vines are like musical instruments, the sound of which we bring to life with the help of nature, climate and terroir. Eleven hundred years of wine culture have shaped the history of the former trust fund domaine of the church St. Paulin. The first mention of the vineyards of the estate can be found in a deed of gift from King Heinrich I dated 936 . During the period of secularisation the Paulinshof was transferred into private ownership in 1803 and is today owned by the Jüngling family. 

The holdings of the Paulinshof are located in the best sites of Kesten and Brauneberg and benefit from particularly favourable microclimate conditions. The Eifel mountains offer protection from cold northerly winds, towards the east and west the vines are protected by the meandering flow of the river, and in the south we are shielded by the Hunsrück mountain range. One of our flagships, the monopoly vineyard “Brauneberger Kammer”, lies in a particularly favourable location.

We deliberately reduce our yields and severely prune our vines to get the wonderful concentration of aromas only small-berried Riesling grapes can offer. It goes without saying that we harvest by hand; it’s the only way on the steep slopes with gradients of up to 70%. Based on the natural harmony of soil, climate and landscape our wines exhibit radiating finesse and exceptional minerality and show their very best in the company of good food.

Wein.pur 5/12

„Who says the Mosel can’t do trocken? The Paulinshof is particularly good at it.“

Eichelmann 2013

„Their wines, and in particular their dry ones, are often still quite spicy and closed just after bottling. The sweet wines have a very distinctive style of their own, quite often smoky-spicy, and a long finish.“

Great state honour award

Winning wines Annual selection tasting

Riesling Champion, Wein.pur

„Excellent company“


Riesling holds court at the Paulinshof and opens the doors for wines with brilliant character. A very special experience are the tastings in the restored court chapel and in the historical wine vaults.

We offer two special tasting seminars. The first is moderated by holder of the WSET Diploma under the theme “When wine dances on the tongue, it’s Riesling” (in German), and the second educational tasting features the topic “Wine and Pharmacy”, tutored by apothecary Dr. rer. Nat. Carina Jüngling, also in German.

Tasting and sales

Our vinothek is open for you at the following times:

Monday- Friday: 9.00 - 12.00 a.m.
1.00 - 6.00 p.m.
Saturday: 9.00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Other times by prior telephone appointment.

Pictures: © Max Adam (StramaMax, Bernkastel-Kues)