The BERNKASTLER RING e.V. is the oldest wine auction association in Germany. The great majority of the 40 member estates are traditional family businesses, which grow their own grapes, make their own wines and are responsible for their own marketing  and sales. In accordance with the requirements of the founder generation the great majority of their vineyards are planted with Riesling, 100% in the case of more than a few, and they are committed to producing exceptional quality. Nature-friendly cultivation of the vineyards on the steep slopes which characterise the appearance of the Mosel wine region is their considerable contribution to the preservation of a cultural landscape that is over 2000 years old.   

Despite very high production costs and limited yields the member estates of the “Ring” consider preservation of the precipitous vineyard sites the most important factor in safeguarding quality and distinctiveness of their Riesling wines.   

Since 2005 the member estates of the Ring have been producing “Grosse Gewächse” (Grand Crus). These are their best dry wines from the respective vintage, and the award of the GG seal represents a guarantee  for wine lovers and professionals that they are presented with one of the finest dry Rieslings of Germany.

Stringent quality requirements have to be met to be awarded membership of the Bernkasteler Ring, and wines have to be regularly submitted for sensory evaluation.